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History ……

In 1935, Sir Sooriyarchchi (I) launched a cinnamon venture by selling Ceylon cinnamon seeds to farmers. In 1956, he formed a joint venture with H. L. Jinadasa as a result of his sister’s marriage to Jinadasa. The partners had great chemistry, as Jinadasa was a humble and skilled farmer who took the business from cinnamon seeds to cinnamon quills and oil extractions. In 1979, Jinadasa’s eldest son, H. L. Ananda, took over the cinnamon and tea businesses and soon laid the foundation for a quality and sustainable cinnamon and tea industry. In 2008, the venerable business was handed over to Ananda’s eldest son, H. L. P. Ananda. Today we are sharing this incredible product with you in the just same way that Sir Sooriyarchchi did years ago.

Each of us at Diyesta group is inspired by the thought that our harvests are enjoyed by people thousands of miles away from our beautiful island.
Ceylon Cinnamon History