Explore the island where the magic happens

Diyadola + Sri Lanka

Ceylon, the former name of Sri Lanka, is a magical island that is the world’s leading producer of true cinnamon and tea.

Each stick of Ceylon cinnamon or cup of Ceylon tea you consume has a touching story behind it. The story is all about the kindness, patience, gratitude, appreciation and hope of the hard-working men and women who supply the finest cinnamon and tea on earth. We are inspired by the thought that our harvests are enjoyed by people thousands of miles away from our beautiful island.

As a family company, we cherish the principle of living the life to the fullest. In Sri Lanka, most of the labor workforce consists of Indian Tamils who came to Sri Lanka during the days of British rule. Some of them still lack Sri Lankan citizenship, which prohibits them from enjoying free education, free medicine and other benefits that full citizens enjoy.

For this reason, we have launched a project to empower the children of our working communities by providing them with the best education we can. We believe that empowering a one child is like empowering a generation. It is a challenge, but one we gladly accept!

But to fulfill our educational mission, we need your support. In return, we’d be pleased to show you our beautiful country.

Our estate bungalow is located close to the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the border of Gin River. It is surrounded by more than 200 acres of rice paddies and fields of tea, rubber, and cinnamon. The village itself presents a traditional working environment typical of the Sri Lankan countryside.

Our estate is at the bottom of a hill, which itself consists of three other giant hills. Three reservoirs are nearby. The natural environment abounds with fish, peacocks, jungle fowl, Ceylon giant squirrel, tortoise, eagle, owl, and many other wet-zone animals.

You’re welcome to stay with us at our estate. We also offer tours to other parts of Sri Lanka. Please contact us for more information about our tour packages.