Your weekly trip to the market consists of shopping for your groceries, your dairy and your spices. You choose the better vegetable, the fresher meat, so why not the put this thought behind the cinnamon that you buy? Yes, you read it right, cinnamon has its varieties too and we […]

From Good, to Better

The alluring scent of delicious true Ceylon Cinnamon baked products will effortlessly draw people to your bakery. You will have the honor of sharing a healthy yet delectable product with all of your customers. We understand how much effort you put into your bakery in order to produce the best […]

Try Ceylon Cinnamon for your bakery today!

Flow chart of the whole process of harvesting and manufacturing of Ceylon Cinnamon Planting Process 1. Ceylon Cinnamon Seeds are planted in mobile nurseries and raised for 1 year with no chemicals 2. After a year, the small plants are placed in the ground and raised for about 3 years. […]

How Ceylon Cinnamon Works

Cinnamon has been cherished for centuries for its fragrance as well as its flavor. The Arabs created a legend about it, and three European nations invaded Sri Lanka to acquire it. We see the harvesting of this labor-intensive crop in Sri Lanka, where methods have not changed for thousands of […]

The Spice Of Life – Cinnamon: The Elegant Addition- 1983 ...