D. Fowler


Ceylon cinnamon is one of the true treasures of the world and well-worth investing in …

Cinnamon is inexpensive and a small container can be purchased practically with pocket change in several stores. It’s not what I’d call the real deal and in fact it’s probably Cassia cinnamon. You get what you for indeed and until you’ve opened up a bag of Ceylon cinnamon, you’ll never know the difference. I could probably liken it to comparing the taste of real maple syrup to one made with a high fructose corn syrup. Something organically grown is incredibly different. There’s just nothing like Ceylon cinnamon.

As soon as I opened the re-sealable pouch I felt as if I was in an Asian spice store. Ceylon cinnamon is one of the true treasures of the world and well-worth investing in. I’m now adding a dash to my coffee as a little pick-me-up. There are many recipes out there using Ceylon cinnamon, including my favorite cinnamon rolls. I’ll probably transfer my cinnamon to an airtight glass container to ensure the freshness. It should have a shelf life of approximately three years, but it probably won’t last that long!

According to Live Strong, “In addition to its potential beneficial effect on glucose metabolism and body weight, Ceylon cinnamon also contains antioxidant compounds called proanthocyanadins. These are similar to the antioxidant compounds found in green tea and grapes. Coumarin-free Ceylon cinnamon may also be beneficial to the liver, according to studies reviewed by “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine” in 2013, with no adverse effects to other organ systems. Other benefits may be antimicrobial and anti-parasitic activity, digestive health and blood pressure reduction.”

This Ceylon cinnamon is not listed as coumarin-free, but rather one low in it. This is a cautionary note for those on drugs such as blood thinners such as warfarin to take a pass or use sparingly. I’ve seen a lot of food products entering the country that claim to be organic, but the claims are empty ones. I’ve since learned that just saying it’s organic doesn’t mean a thing. This Ceylon cinnamon has those seals and approval I want to see: USDA Organic, the EU Organic and the Ceylon Cinnamon Association.